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Introducing Ourselves


Tebeqa means attorney in Amharic, Ethiopia's national language.


Tamrat Assefa Liban Law Offices is set up by Tamrat Assefa, the founding member of the group in November 2004 and comprises currently five lawyers amongst whom three are licensed to practice law at the Federal level in Ethiopia. The office is assisted by two other lawyers who graduated from law school recently and are under pupilage with us.


The lawyers serving in the Office are Tamrat Assefa Liban, Mekdem Belayneh, Eshetu Ergete, Zenebech Mesfin, and Malefia Tesera. The first two lawyers in the list have two Masters degrees each from the University of Turin, the University of South Africa, and Addis Ababa University in International Trade Law, International Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Constitutional Law respectively. They bothe have served in the Fedral Court of Ethiopia as assistant judges and have been practicing law for more than ten years. Eshetu Ergete is a graduate of law from the Civil Service College of Ethiopia, and has served as a prosecutor with the Federal Ministry of Justice before he joined the group. Zenebech Mesfin is a recent graduate of law from Jimma University Law Faculty and Malefia Tesera is a graduate of Awassa University Law Faculty.

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